Homework Policy

Homework Policies
For Mrs. Albrecht’s Fifth Grade

One of our biggest objectives in fifth grade is to help the students develop excellent study habits and responsibility for their work.  I do not believe that worksheets and written assignments are the only way to assess students’ learning, but it should be expected that fifth graders will have some homework.  I am always willing to help students with assignments and I encourage students to use their family when they are in need of help while working at home.

  • All assignments are due the day after they are assigned unless it is written otherwise.

  • All assignments must be labeled with a first and last name, a date, the subject, page number, and student’s assigned number.

  • All assignments are to be turned in by 8:05 each morning, unless told otherwise, or they will be lowered 1 letter grade.

  • If a student is absent, they will get 1 day to make up the homework for every day they are gone.  Work is to be turned in by 8:15 to the absent tray on the day it is due.

  • Each evening assignment notebooks must be signed by a parent and returned.  Any late work from the night before will be marked in this notebook by Mrs. Albrecht.  Grades will become zeros in the grade book if they are not completed after 3 days.

  • For all those students who turn in work on time and make wise decisions about how to act, we will have an incentive time once a month.  It may be a game, movie, special art time, ice cream party, etc.

  • Students will lose dojo points for each late assignment. 

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